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Metal-Free Zirconia Dental Implants

Zirconia implants are known to interact well with the bone and gums. It is a holistic option for patients who want an implant that will support their overall health. FDA-approved durable, beautiful, biocompatible, biomimetic ceramic, metal-free zirconia dental implants otherwise known as ceramic dental implants.

  • Aesthetics – Zirconia Implants are white not a metal so the gums will not appeal grey for patients who experience gum recession or who have thin gums.
  • Simple Design – Zirconia Implant is a one-piece design. Hence, bacteria cannot colonize between the pieces as metal implants.
  • Allergies – Metal implants can be a big problem for people who have allergies. Such allergies can result in bone loss and implant failure.
  • Durability – Extremely strong and durable with long-term success, superior strength and inflexibility when put under pressure.
  • Comfort – A shorter implant process and greater comfort.
  • Resistance – A biocompatible material, resistant to corrosion, does not trigger chemical or conduct heat and electricity. Shorter recovery time and less pain during the procedure.

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