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Biocompatible Dental Implants to Replace Missing Teeth

Dental implants are the closest thing you can get to natural teeth in terms of both look and function. They are essentially artificial roots that integrate with your jaw bone. Dental implants can support crowns, bridges, and even full dentures. Most dental implants are made from titanium alloys, but at Wayne Family Dental, we place only biocompatible implants made from zirconia. These dental implants have a number of other important virtues that give them the edge over titanium:


Aesthetics: Zirconia implants are white, so you’ll never see gray lines where the gums are thin or receded.


Simple design: The zirconia implants we use feature an innovative one-piece design instead of the usual two-piece construction. There’s no space between pieces for bacteria to colonize.


Non-allergenic: Metal implants can be a big problem for people with allergies. Bone loss and implant failure are more likely. This is a non-issue with zirconia implants.


Durability: Ceramic dental implants are extremely strong and durable, with a long-term success rate, superior strength, and inflexibility under pressure.


Resistance: A biocompatible material, resistant to corrosion, zirconia does not trigger chemical reactions or conduct heat or electricity.


Comfort: The process for placing ceramic implants is shorter, and recovery from the surgical procedure is less painful. Recovery time is faster, too. It’s a better experience for patients all ways around!

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